Don't lose your leads in the sales pipeline!

SavviCRM™ lets you take control of your leads, tracking the activity, next steps, and potential deals as they move through the pipeline.

With our customer tracking platform you can break down your audience into demographics across age, position, industry, and purchasing power.

Using our customer management platform you can:

  • More effectively manage deals in the sales funnel
  • Measure ROI on campaigns
  • Track sales results
  • Customize your sales pipeline to fit your specific business requirements
Image of a sales pipeline arranged in square boxes and containing various sales stages, such as overdue activity, missing activity, etc.

Manage Events with SavviCRM™.

SavviCRM's™ Event Module allows you the tools you need to create custom events with your own pricing structure. Using the profiles pulled from the core contact management tool setting up events has never been easier!

With the Events module you can:

  • Manage ticketed events
  • Create your own pricing packages
  • Allow for refunds, coupons, and account credits on a profile or company level
  • Integrate with your calendar as well as send off calendar based invites.
Image of an events calendar within a customer relationship management tool. Contains example events inside of a monthly calendar view
Image of a customer relationship management dashboard showing contacts, events, a search bar, and a menu

Powerful Dashboards at your disposal.

The key to any useful tool is a strong user experience (UX). The SavviCRM™ utilizes our 20 years of web development experience to create a fully customizable home screen that give you exactly the right amount of information about your business.

Don't forget your mobile device!

Built using responsive design so it can be accessed across all of your devices without any additional investment.

Build powerful reports in real-time.

Good reports are the key to a useful sales strategy. Without the ability to use real-time and in depth data, a sales and marketing team has no way of knowing if a particular campaign is successful. With the SavviCRM™ reporting module, you can quickly and easily create detailed reports and sales forecasts based on the enormous amount of data you have stored.

Never again question if your strategy has a viable ROI or what links between cause and effect are allowing you to boost your conversion rate. Our reports use the real data that the SavviCRM™ collects to create sharable and downloadable reports that open the door to better results.

  • Securely share reports
  • No technical knowledge or SQL experience required
  • Consume reports via our API to expose information to other systems
Image of a customer relationship management report screen. Screen shows information about a specific client within the system, as well as information about that customer's activities.
Web of images in blue circles connected together by lines in a large circle. Images depict technology symbols, security symbols, and business symbols

Back-office CRM support.

Integration is a key aspect of any CRM System. Having the ability to utilize your pre-existing auto-mailers like MailChimp or pull data from a front end call tracker is essential for your marketing and sales personal. SavviCRM™ is built upon a fully-pluggable architecture which allows it to be customized to fit any complex business objectives.

SavviCRM™ is ready to be integrated into your mission critical systems:

  • Other CRM platforms such SalesForce & Microsoft CRM
  • Broadcast Email systems such as MailChimp and Constant Contact
  • ERP Systems such as SAP & Pace
  • Marketing Automation platforms such as HubSpot

How do I get started?

If you would like to take control of your sales and marketing strategies, let us walk you through the process of building a CRM experience that is right for your business, whether that means an on premise solution, or a CRM in the cloud. Savvior will use their 20 years of expertise to guide you to the right plan.

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